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Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Well, now you can do it in my new project called "Merchant on the Seas". It is survival economy video game, where you can build your own city, hire workers and of course produce and sell stuff. Everything depends on how you use the materials from the island. Every island is randomly generated, so every time you start a new game, there will be another materials to use and a lot of other things like tribes and treasure chests! If you want to help me with the project, just write an email to me ( or
You can download the game, but it is only prototype. The true version will be out in couple months, so stay tuned!

I'm working on the tank game for about a week. I think the first version will be out in a month or two.

I've got some information about the tank game. There will be 3 or 4 different tanks, which you can upgrade as you want. Tanks can travel around the map and get some strategy points. The strategy points are used to build structures, for example - Ammo Factory. There will be a lot of strategy buildings, which will help you in the war. Of course your soldiers need to eat and heal, so you should build a farm and pharmacy. Your tank isn't immune to every ammo it gets shot by, so you should have some repair kits to keep tank not damaged. There will be maximum of 4 players on the map, about 12 strategy points and a lot of items to get. Yes, you can destroy some barrels and crates to get metal scraps and other stuff. The science center can discover new technologies, new weapons, new armor and a lot more. I'm sure you will need it.
OK, I can't tell you everything about my game (maybe I've already did it :D) but you can suggest what should I change in my plan :)

Just write a message to my email account "". Name it "Tank game suggestions". I will read all the messages and think about each one :)

Want to help us? You can go to RedHussars Webpage where you can donate some money. It will help us a lot :D

By the way, I am creating a tank game, where you will be able to shoot some nazi tanks and of course destroy buildings. There will be more information soon.

"The Empire" alpha 0.002 is out!


- added new villager - gatherer
- added new item - food
- added inventory icons
- added town hall
- you can build campfire, which gives +1 to population
- now you need 5 wood to build

A new project called "The Empire" has been started today! You can test it by downloading it in "Download" section :D


- W - walking
- AD - rotating
- Spacebar - Use axe
- 1 - select building
- E (when building selected) - build

"Throw" update 0.002 is out!


- added textures
- added smooth shadows
- added new object (TV)
- added new light

Hello everyone! :) I've just finished the "Throw" game.
Go to the "Download" section to download the game :D